The Japanese word "bucchake" doesn't mean "only tea bukkake". (2011-10-14)

The Google Translate made mistake.
It translated "bucchake" to "only tea bukkake".

Google Translate: "bucchake" to "only tea bukkake"

The word "bucchake" meas "honestly", "truthfully", "frankly" or "really".

The word "bucchake" sources "bucchakeruto".
The word "bucchakeruto" sources "uchiakeruto".
The word "uchiakeruto" meas "honestly", "truthfully", "frankly" or "really".

This word "bucchake" became very popular word by Kimura Takuya who is a member of SAMP, Japanese boy band.
He said many "bucchake" in a TV drama.

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