May 15, 2005

Sliding Block Puzzle

This sliding block puzzle is a game leading the elephant to the exit.

Sliding Block Puzzle

I felt difficult it.

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May 08, 2005

A True Story of Dugong and Tortoise

I read the book about a dugong and a tortoise.
This is a true story.
The book's title is "They are always very good friends (Futari ha itsumo tomodachi)".


The dugong's name is Serena.
The tortoise's name is Kamekiti.
Serena and Kamekiti live in a aquarium.
Serena and Kamekiti are very good friends.

At one time, Kamekiti left Serena. And then, Serena bummed out...

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May 04, 2005


Okojo and Kuma-kun made believe SAMURAI!
This playing is CHAMBARA!
Chambara is a battle of samrai in japanese.

It's Okojo with katana. A katana is japanese blade.

Kuma-kun is a bear cub.
Okojo drew a katana!

It's not dangerous, because this katana is toy.

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