Yoshio Kojima and Jamaican reggae (2008-01-10)

Yoshio Kojima became to Japanese popular comedian in last year.
He's phrases, "Sonna no kankei nee" and "O-Ppa-Ppii" were running around Japan.

A Jamaican musician uses these two phrases in his reggae song.

"OPP -Japanese Dance-" by Cutty feat. Patexx

This song is sold in Japan, too.

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addition: 2008-01-14

"Oppappii" is a strange phrase used by the comedian Yoshio Kojima in his comedy routine. Kojima is a rookie comedian who has become popular since around spring this year. His refined face with thick eyebrows is easy to remember, not to mention his well-built body which he shows off by wearing only bikini briefs during his performance!

Trendy Japanese #24: Oppappii (pronounced as "opp-pup-pee")
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