The Asiajin is a blog for Japanese web services and recent web culture in English. (2008-01-04)

The blog Asiajin reports many Japanese web services, recent web culture, companies and so.
Asiajin is Asia + jin (people).

Asiajin's recent entries are...

Nounai-Maker: depicts what your brain is composed of | Asiajin
Nounai-Maker is a joke web site.

Japan's No.1 blogger declared to stop her blog | Asiajin
The episode of Japanese entertainer's blog.

Toughbook: Japan's favorite notebook | Asiajin
The notebook pc is 'Let's Note'.

Mobile phone companies to filter web content for minors | Asiajin
A Japanese large website, the Mobage-town (mobile game town).

Mixi: Japan's social network | Asiajin
mixi = mix + i
'i' means I (... my me mine).
The mixi is Japanese largest SNS (social network service).

Kin-en-style: Smoke-free restaurants directory | Asiajin
I often watch this site. No-smoking restaurant is placed.
This site is CGM (consumer generated media).

Ref. Asiajin - Web Services/Companies/People Reports from Japan and Asia

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