DJ OZUMA and NHK's Kouhaku-Uta-Gassen 2006 (2007-01-04)

NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) is foolish!

TOKYO, Jan 1 (Reuters Life!) - A troupe of dancers in skin-colored body suits had Japanese national broadcaster NHK apologizing to viewers for what seemed to be a full-scale Janet Jackson-style wardrobe malfunction during its New Year's Eve music special.

The dancers, who all appeared to be topless and wore skimpy bikini-style bottoms and feathered head-dresses, covered the stage during a performance by singer DJ OZMA, prompting about 250 viewers to phone in and complain.

"The dancers were wearing body suits, but we apologize for any misunderstanding," a presenter announced toward the end of the 57th annual "Red and White Song Contest."

Apology for "topless" New Year's Eve shock - Yahoo! News

Japanese people think that NHK is a part of Japanese government.
Because Japanese government manages NHK.

Japanese people watch NHK's Kouhaku-Uta-Gassen (Red and White Song Contest) in every years.
Families watch it with Children!

The singer DJ OZMA is Ayanokouji Shou who is a member of The Kishidan
The Kishidan is a palody of a high school hoodlum's group (Tsuppari).

movie -> YouTube - NHK Kouhaku-Uta-Gassen DJ OZMA.


Oh, I mistook.
His name is DJ OZMA not DJ OZUMA.

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