Block Calendar of Gaspard et Lisa (2006-09-10)

I bought a block calendar of 'Gaspard and Lisa'.

Block Calendar of Gaspard et Lisa

It was made in Japan.
This calendar is like LEGO.

2006-09-18: addition

The block calendar is sold by a company Asano-Seisakusho.

Gaspard et Lisa by Asano-Seisakusho

Asano-Seisakusho is in Saitama-ken, JAPAN.
The place is nearly this map.

Infomation of the Asano-Seisakusho:
address : 5-14-23, Higashiryoke, Kawaguchi-city, Saitama-ken, JAPAN
tel : 048-223-6323
web site :
mail address : asa-ss(atmark)

Send mail to Asano-Seisakusho for selling-through.


What a cute calendar ever!!!
I am totally falling in love with that cute
calendar at first sight!
It drives me crazy to search on the web site,
where I hopefully can order it from.
Would you let me know where I can order it?
I'm living in USA so need the seller to ship
it to USA. :) Thanks a lot.

Posted by Boogi : September 18, 2006 (Mon)

Hi, Boogi.

Asano-Seisakusho may do mail-order selling.
I wrote mail address and web site of Asano-Seisakusho.

Posted by NI-Lab. : September 18, 2006 (Mon)

Thanks a lot!!!
I really appreciate it. :)
I'm so much looking forward to a good news
from Aasano-Seisakusho about international
order. Anyway, thank you again and I'll visit
your site occasionally. Take care

Posted by Boogi : September 21, 2006 (Thu)

Oh, I feel good :-)
Aasano-Seisakusho takes good care of international customers.

Posted by NI-Lab. : September 22, 2006 (Fri)

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Posted by NI-Lab. (@nilab)