Romancing Saga: Sword Demon and Demonbrand (2006-04-30)


I got up at a.m. 3:00 in today.
I couldn't sleep.

I began to play Romancing Saga that is a video game on PlayStation 2.
I uses Gray who is a heros of this game.

story: voice of the blade

Gray is a person like samurai.

Gray got Rusty Falcata that is a broken katana in a cave.
Katana is a Japanese sword.

Gray fixed Rusty Falcata.
Rusty Falcata became Falcata.
He kept using Falcata, and Falcata became Falcata+1.
He kept using Falcata+1, and Falcata became Falcata+2.
And so on, it became Falcata+7 at last.

It was a cursed katana.
There was Sword Demon in the cursed katana.
Sword Demon attacked Gray.

Gray defeated Sword Demon.
And he got Demonbrand that was a strongest katana.


I finished the game.
I'm sleepy...

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