I ate a curry and ramen in Umakoku Ramen (2006-04-27)

I ate a ramen, Chinese noodle of UmaKoku Ramen in today.
It's a delicious!

Umakoku Ramen is restaurant of curry and ramen.
This soup includes curry, white pork broth and boiled-dried fish.

Curry House CoCo Ichiban-ya run Umakoku Ramen.
Curry House CoCo Ichiban-ya is a specialty company of curry restaurant.



Kuite~ (^¬^)

Posted by Korekiyo : April 27, 2006 (Thu)

Hello, Korekiyo.

I ate a umakoku ramen in first time.
It was tasty that the ramen I ate.

The Umakoku Ramen is a smoke-free(smokeless) restaurant.
The air is tasty :-D

Posted by NI-Lab. : April 30, 2006 (Sun)

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