Winged Two Songs (2006-04-22)

I often listen to the Gamma Ray's songs.
I like 'The Winged Horse' and 'Wings Of Destiny' in these days.
Those two songs are written by Henjo Richter.

The clouds passing by, a hole breaks the sky
Light refract the dark and fills the place
White winged horse, such a powerfull force
Gallops through the sky to break the chains

'The Winged Horse' from 'Somewhere Out In Space' by Gamma Ray
On sad wings of destiny
We're kings without a throne
If you believe in unity
Believe, 'cause you're not alone
Sad wings of destiny
The haunting thoughts of pain
The world's a patient majesty, but believe
The time, the time will take its toll

'Wings Of Destiny' from 'Powerplant' by Gamma Ray

This songs are melodious and heavy metal rock music.



I've been wondering a long time what is apos??
I would be happy if you tell me what it is(^^)

Posted by yuki : April 22, 2006 (Sat)

Hello, yuki.

I cannot understand you wrote.
What is a apos?

I think...
The time of reading this blog's pages is long because this network line of the server of my blog's pages is thin line.

Posted by NI-Lab. : April 22, 2006 (Sat)

Oh I see!!
When I look at your blog from my computer, there is the word "apos", after every line.
But I understand now, thankyou♪
I will ingnore that word and keep reading your blog from now on(^^)

Posted by yuki : April 22, 2006 (Sat)

Oh, I see!

In Mozilla Firefox, I cannot 'apos'
In Internet Explorer, I can 'apos'

apos shows apostrophe mark (').

Hmm... I will think it.

#39 shows apostrophe mark too.

Posted by NI-Lab. : April 25, 2006 (Tue)

I fixed it!

I replaced.
' -> '

Posted by NI-Lab. : April 25, 2006 (Tue)

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