Fureai Bokujo (2006-04-21)

I went to the Fureai Bokujo (petting zoo, Fureai farm).

flag of fureai farm

This flag said 'Fureai Bokujo.'

view of fureai farm

It's the Fureai Bokujo's view.

entrance of fureai farm

We walked up the stairs from parking space for cars and went to the entrance of Fureai Bokujo.


It's a cow! There were cows.
I closed this cow and took the photo. Most nearly!


It's a ducks! There were cows.

Fureai Bokujo's animal is a sheep.


It's a sheep. It's pretty.


It's a sheep. I wanted to shear the wool from sheep!


It's a sheep. It's cute.


It's a sheep. Horns!


It's a sheep. Strong!?

I enjoyed see sheep.

flag of genghis-khan

Golly! This flag said 'genghis-khan.'
Genghis-khan is a cooking. It's a sheep BBQ.

BBQ!? barbecue!
Do people eat sheep in this place!?

Fureai Bokujo's page (in Japanese) said 'Let's you eat Fureai Bokujo's lamb chops!'

I heard Fureai Bokujo had about 200 sheep.
In this place, I ate sheep's meat.

But it's a food-chain...
I like Genghis-khan!

Map of Fureai Bokujo's location:

Ref. Fureai Bokujo (in Japanese)

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