Romancing Saga: Dragon Knight and Vortex the Dragon and Neidhart :-< (2006-01-03)

I played the Romancing Saga on PlayStation2.

I could bring a Vortex the Dragon into sight.

Inside the Dragon's Court.
My characters, Gray, Gian, Patrick, Aldora and Raphael saw Dragon Knight.
They had to perform the vortex the Dragon in front of Dragon Knight.

Gian did the Rocket Spear.
Patrick did the Rocket Spear, too.
Aldora did the Rocket Spear, too.
The three performed the vortex the Dragon.

And then, Neidhart appeared.
A unbelievable accident happend....

I would deal Dragon Knight in!


I got a question for you!
Im playing Romancing Saga with my characters "ALBERT" but i dont know how to create a vortex of dragon.
Can you help me please lol?
Im stuck on this quest like 1 days now...

Email me: Sureiken@GMail.CoM Thank You


Posted by X747 : January 26, 2006 (Thu)

I'm late for my respond comment.

The case of mine.
I made Gian, Patrick and Aldora to select 'Rocket Spear', and other characters to defend.
Three characters same attack, and other characters defend.

By the way, I failed this quest.
I reseted the game, because Neidhart died and 'game over'. I did't want kill Dragon Knight :-<
I retried to create a vortex of dragon. But I couldn't create it.

Posted by NI-Lab. : February 5, 2006 (Sun)

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