Romancing SaGa - Three Minions of Saruin (2005-12-08)

I enjoy playing the game.

Three Minions of Saruin

I like the three Minions of Saruin.
They are so cool!

They put on red cloths.
They are alike as three peas in a pod!

In Japanese edition of Romancing Saga, three Minions are.
Their names are Minion Wile, Minion Hate, and Minion Strife.
But, in English edition, their names are Scorn, Spite, and Strife.
Their names are different! ...... No problem ;-)

Names in Japanese editionNames in English edition
Minion Wile (Wail?)Scorn
Minion HateSpite
Minion StrifeStrife

Minion Wile Scorn

Minion Hate Spite

Minion Strife Strife

(from "Romancing SaGa Official Strategy Guide")

Minions' theme

I like the Minions' theme music "Netsujo no Ritsudo (Passionate Rhythm)".
This track is danceable music like a Latin music.
I often listen to this music.

I like the "Kessen Saruin (Decisive Battle! Saruin -Final Battle With Saruin-)" too. This track is Heavy Metal Music includes sound of like organ and strings.


The Fan of the Minions

I found out the Minion's fun made a web page in Japanese.



I see some web pages about Romancin Saga in English.


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