Hatena Ring - english2diary (2005-11-09)

I launched Hatena Ring - english2diary.
The english2diary is a hatena ring for diaries and weblogs written by English language (for person who has native language isn't English).


I've just joined your hatena ring!
So far, all members are you and me ;)

I hope some more people join us!!

Posted by may : November 16, 2005 (Wed)

Nice to meet you, may.

Yet members are only you and me, but I make that the ring slowly grow up.
I take it easy :-)

I hope some more people join us!!

Posted by NI-Lab. : November 18, 2005 (Fri)

I'm CaramelSuger.
I took part in "English2diary" a little while ago.

Please become friendly with me! :-)

Posted by CaramelSuger : November 23, 2005 (Wed)

Hello, CaramelSuger.

I'm happy to members build up.

Posted by NI-Lab. : November 23, 2005 (Wed)

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Posted by NI-Lab. (@nilab)