Gaspard and Lisa are so cute! (2005-06-23)

I read 3 stories of Gaspard and Lisa.
Anne Gutman and Georg Hallensleben wrote picture books of of Gaspard and Lisa.

Gaspard and Lisa: Friends Forever
Lisa in New York
Gaspard and Lisa's Christmas Surprise

Gaspard and Lisa

It's so cute!
I wanted to know much earlier.
I want to read more stories of Gaspard and Lisa.

In japan, goods of Gaspard and Lisa has be sold.
I did't know it!

stuffed : Sitting Gaspard (small size)
stuffed : Sitting Lisa (small size)

I thought Gaspard and Lisa were dogs or rabitts.
Gaspard and Lisa are not humans or not animals.
Gaspard and Lisa may be unidentified mysterious animals!

(It's the Flintstones...)

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