The Donburi-kaikan has a skill the Minoyaki. (2005-06-19)

I went to the Donburi-kaikan.

There is a lot of lizards in this neighborhood.

I painted mugs in there.

The Donburi-kaikan is a park in Toki City.
Toki City is in Gifu.
Gifu is in Japan.

This photos are source from published by Toki City Government.

Toki city has a traditional handicrafts. It's called Minoyaki.
Minoyaki is a skill making pottery, ceramic dishes, and ceramic bowl.
A donburi is a japanese ceramic bowl with rice and various toppings.

I don't know well Minoyaki. I took some photos.

It's a stamp of a donburi.

It's a stamp of the Donburi-kaikan.

Reference: Michi no Eki : Donburi-Kaikan

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