Fitbit Web API Changes in August 2015 (2015-08-12)

1. Heart rate time series will now only include data points when Fitbit believes the device was being worn. This change affects all heart rate data ever captured by a Fitbit device. You might consider re-requesting heart rate data retrieved prior to July 25, 2015.

2. Your application should consider all numerical ids in the Fitbit API to be unsigned 64 bit integers. Many ids will cross the maximum 32 bit integer in the next couple of weeks.

3. OAuth 2.0 requests will be restricted to JSON and TCX formats. XML will no longer be supported with OAuth 2.0 requests starting August 17, 2015.

4. The custom logging endpoints (deprecated in October 2014) will be removed on August 27, 2015.

  • API-Get-Heart-Rate (e.g. GET /1/user/-/heart/date/2010-02-21.json, replaced with heart rate time series)
  • API-Log-Heart-Rate (e.g. POST /1/user/-/heart.json)
  • API-Delete-Heart-Rate-Log (e.g. DELETE /1/user/-/heart/123.json)
  • API-Get-Blood-Pressure (e.g. GET /1/user/-/bp/date/2010-02-21.json)
  • API-Log-Blood-Pressure (e.g. POST /1/user/-/bp.json)
  • API-Delete-Blood-Pressure-Log (e.g. DELETE /1/user/-/bp/123.json)
  • API-Get-Glucose (e.g. GET /1/user/-/glucose/date/2010-02-21.json)
  • API-Log-Glucose (e.g. POST /1/user/-/glucose.json)
  • API-Get-Body-Measurements (e.g. GET /1/user/-/body/date/2010-02-21.json)
  • API-Log-Body-Measurements (e.g. POST /1/user/-/body.json)
  • All measurements except fat and weight will be removed from API-Get-Body-Measurements (e.g. GET /1/user/-/body/date/2010-02-21.json) and API-Log-Body-Measurements (e.g. POST /1/user/-/body.json)

August 2015 Web API Changes - Fitbit Community
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