Bing Maps's Destination Maps vs ALPSLAB ryakuchizu (2010-01-21)

Bing Maps's Destination Maps

The Destination Maps generates map from a destination and an area.

Sketchy Style is hand drawn style.
Bing Maps - Destination Maps (略地図生成機能)

European Style is like Google Maps?
Bing Maps - Destination Maps (略地図生成機能)

American Style has thin roads and simple design.
Bing Maps - Destination Maps (略地図生成機能)

Tresure Map Style is for treasure hunting :-D
Bing Maps - Destination Maps (略地図生成機能)

Oh, the Destination Maps of Bing Maps's is not supported Japanese map... "We are sorry: at the moment Destination Maps is only supported in Canada, Mexico, and the United State"

ALPSLAB ryakuchizu

The ALPSLAB ryakuchizu generates map from a starting point and destination.

from Sengen-cho to Nagoya Castle

around Nagoya Station

ALPSLAB ryakuchizu:

-Bing Maps
-Bing - New Bing Maps Application: Destination Maps - Bing Maps Blog - Bing Community
-ALPSLAB ryakuchizu (in Japanese)
-An experiment service "ALPSLAB ryakuchizu" relesed. (in Japanese)

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