I ate BAKERY panfreak's breads for breakfast. (2009-05-30)

I ate a Menchi-katsu-sandwich. It's tasty.
BAKERY panfreak's Menchi-katsu-sandwich

There are 'cream cheese an-pan'. I bought 5 breads.
BAKERY panfreak's cream cheese anpan
An-pan is a Japanese sweet bun filled with red bean paste.
These breads include cream cheese and an(red bean paste).
They are sweet and tasty.

I often go shopping to the BAKERY panfreak. Because the BAKERY panfreak's breads are tasty. And this shop is cozy. And this shopgirl are cute and working well ;-D

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-i am a cheap jap!(2009-05-02) - BAKERY panfreak's curry breads

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