Favotter: your tweets are someone's favorite (2009-04-13)

Favotter is a collection of popular tweets from your favorites on Twitter.

hot tweets (English)

hot tweets (Japanese)

Favotter shows someone's favorite your tweets.

my tweets

* Favotter is a Twitter's mush-up service which collect a lot of favorites from many Twitter'ers and provide most exciting POSTs in Twitter.
* I've released Japanese version a month ago. And now, I release for the rest of English twitter-users.
* As an architect, I wanted to collect favorites by ALL of twitter-users. But the limitation of API prevented me from it. So, Favotter searches 950 users who have largest number of "favorites".

Favotter (for English) released. - 2008-01-04

-Favotter (English)
-Favotter (Japanese)

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