DAIGO and BREAKERZ (2009-03-02)

DAIGO is a Japanese singer.
He is a member of BREAKERZ, Japanese rock band.
But people thought DAIGO is television personality.

He often says "Wuish!"
This his word is more popular in Japan.

He says "Wuish!" when he crosses his arms and stretches his thumbs, forefingers and pinkies.

He says "Wuish!" in this movie's last some seconds.

-> D x loree Rodkin ver.2

BREAKERZ recently released a new song "GRAND FINALE".
This song expresses a graduation of school.

Japanese school holds graduation in March.
Japanese school holds entrance ceremony in April.


DAIGO's grandfather is Noboru Takeshita.
Noboru Takeshita was the 74th Prime Minister of Japan.

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