Takeshima/Dokuto in Yahoo! JAPAN map and Google Maps (2009-02-22)

Takeshima/Dokuto in Yahoo! JAPAN mapTakeshima/Dokuto in Yahoo! JAPAN map
->Takeshima/Dokuto in Yahoo! JAPAN map

Takeshima/Dokuto in Google Maps
->Takeshima/Dokuto in Google Maps

Japan's Inalterable Position on the Sovereignty of Takeshima

1. In the light of historical facts and based upon international law, it is apparent that Takeshima is an inherent part of the territory of Japan.
2. The occupation of Takeshima by the Republic of Korea is an illegal occupation undertaken on absolutely no basis in international law. Any measures taken with regard to Takeshima by the Republic of Korea based on such an illegal occupation have no legal justification.

(Note: The Republic of Korea has yet to demonstrate a clear basis for its claims that, prior to Japan's effective control over Takeshima and establishment of sovereignty, the Republic of Korea had previously demonstrated effective control over Takeshima.)

MOFA: The Issue of Takeshima
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