iText (2008-01-29)

I use iText, the PDF Library for Java.
I wrote notes of using iText at my blog.
-> NI-Lab.'s Zlashdot: tag=iText (in Japanese)

Wow, I was given the developer's link. I am thankful :-)

The same goes for this Japanese WIKI page with some useful PDF links.

Bruno Lowagie's Online Gazette - Link Love

I bought the book he wrote.

"iText in Action"

iText in Action

iText in Action


I found this out.

And the prize for the blog with the funniest name goes to I am a cheap jap! At first I thought it was a joke, but no, it's the blog of somebody "living in Japan and learning English" with a sense of humor. And what's more: it's an iText user who bought the book and blogs about it!

Bruno Lowagie's Online Gazette - Link Love
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