Akafuku-mochi and Shiroi-koibito let down (2007-10-24)

asahi.com : MIE: Akafuku reused 70% of unsold 'mochi' - ENGLISH

Akafuku Corporation had made Akafuku-mochi, Japanese popular sweet rice cake.
Japanese sweet food industry's confidence would drop in those days.

"13 Jours En France" (13 Days in France) is the no-frills title of a French documentary film about the Grenoble Winter Olympics in 1968. The film exudes a romantic image, owing to Francis Lai's melodic score and the Japanese title of "Shiroi Koibitotachi" (White Beloved Ones). This was a classic case of the name determining the product's image.

"Shiroi Koibito" (White Beloved Ones), a popular Hokkaido-made confection named after the movie, is now in danger of losing the affection of customers after an impressively long love affair of 30 years. It recently came to light that Ishiya Co., the manufacturer, had relabeled expiration dates on unsold packages by one month to extend their shelf life. Many people must be feeling cheated.

asahi.com: Love at First Bite, but Affair Finally Turned Stale
Earlier this year, Ishimizu penned an autobiographical serial for a Hokkaido newspaper. In the final installment that ran in May, he wrote: "I want ('Shiroi Koibito') to become a Hokkaido tradition that will live on for a century or two, like 'Akafuku' from the Ise region." "Akafuku" are bite-size mochi ― freshly pounded rice cakes coated with sweet bean-paste. This year, the maker is celebrating the tricentennial anniversary of this famous confection. As "Akafuku" is sold on the day of manufacture, there is no room for deceiving consumers about freshness. Well-established products have their own reason for longevity.

asahi.com: Love at First Bite, but Affair Finally Turned Stale

Shiroi-koibito let down.
It copies Akafuku's bad.

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