Book: Japanese Celebrations (Cherry Blossoms, Lanterns and stars!) (2007-10-07)

I read "Japanese Celebrations."
This book is good.

Japanese Celebrations

But it has some mistakes.

Hitsuji and Saru

Juni-shi is from Chinese zodiac animals.

Japanese Celebrations

Japanese Celebrations

Japanese Celebrations

A mistake is in Japanese hiragana.

This hiragana Hitsuji is Hitsuji (Sheep).

This hiragana Saru is Saru (monkey).

-Juni-shi - Wikipedia (in Japanese)
-Earthly Branches - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Next, it's about Coming-of-Age day.

Japanese Celebrations

Japanese Celebrations

This hiragana Seijin-no is only Seijin-no.
The Seijin-no-hi has "-hi".
hi is "-hi".

Seijin-no-hi is Seijin-nohi.

-Seijin-no-hi - Wikipedia


These images display O-hanami.
Hanami is a party. Japanese look at cherry blossoms in spring.

Japanese Celebrations

Japanese Celebrations

Kenka-suru is row?

row - punt
row - have a fight

He punts with the girl.
They enjoy.

Kenka-suru means "fighting" in Japanese.
This book's image is "Kogu".
"Kogu" is "punt".


Japanese Celebrations

Japanese Celebrations

I don't know it.
I searched photos.

YokaYoka, Yokamon! - Hana-matsuri = Kanbutsue (in Japanese)

20 century Himitsu-kichi - Hana-matsuri / Ta-no-kami / O-hanami (in Japanese)

These pages have good photos!
Japanese people celebrates.

Sou ni arazu zoku ni ari - Kanbutsue (in Japanese)
This page has a good photo!
A motortruck brings a elephant and a hanamido.

This temple does kanbutsue.
-> Syu-on-an Ikkyu-ji (in Japanese)
This page has good photos.

This temple's location:

-Kanbutsue - Wikipedia (in Japanese)
-Buddha's Birthday - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The author of this book

The author, Betty Reynolds of "Tokyo Friends" ( Japanese Celebrations: Cherry Blossoms, Lanterns And Stars! by Betty Reynolds

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