August Calendar and Bon-holidays (2007-08-05)

This August began.
Japan is wet and hot now.

August Calendar

Japanese students have summer vacation in July and August.
The vacation is about 40 and more days.

Some Japanese workers have bon-holidays in middle of august.
The bon-holidays is about 2 and more days.

Japanese spirits of ancestors will come in bon-holidays.
The spirits ride a ShouRyouMa (horse or cow of spirit).

ShouRyouMa is made by cucumbers or eggplants and 4 sticks.
The sticks are legs.

ShouRyouMa of cucumbers is a rapid horse.
Spirits of ancestors rapidly return from afterworld.

ShouRyouMa of eggplants is a slow cow.
Spirits of ancestors slowly go to afterworld.

Ref. Bon Festival - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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