I ate a Tekone-zushi for lunch. (2007-07-14)

I ate a Tekone-zushi for lunch.
We made Tekone-zushis.


Tekone-zushi is a type of Chirashi-zushi.
Chirashi-zushi is a type of Sushi.
Sushi is Japanese cuisine.

We cut maguro, a fish.
We made sauce from Japanese soy sauce, cooking rice wine and ginger.
Maguro got in this sauce.

We mixed maguro, rice, sesame seeds and Ao-ziso(Ao-shiso, green shiso or Japanese green beefsteak plant).


It's a recipe of Tekone-zushi.

Ref. Amazon.co.jp: Super easy recipes in summer (Cho kantan Natsu resipi) (in Japanese)

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