Valentine's Day (2007-02-14)

Today, February 14th is the Valentine's Day.
Women present chocolates with men who women love in Japan.

It's a big event for boys and girls.

Boys stoked the Valentine's Day.
Boys are poor when girls dont's present chocolates.

Japanese eat chocolates 25% of annual consumption.

Giri-choko are chocolates of obligation.
Women present giri-chokos with themselves' father, brothers, friends, coworkers and so.

Women present expensive chocolates with themselfs in these days.
Because Japanese men don't like sweets :-P
Because Japanese women like sweets :-)

I like sweets.
Now there is a chocolate in my left side.

Some years ago.
I remembered.
I sicked and stayed away from high school.
I was in my home.
She came to my home and presented chocorates with me.

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