The humanlike robot of Onono Michikaze (Onono Tofu) (2007-02-12)

Onono Michikaze (Onono Tofu) is the shodo-calligraphy master.
He is one of the Sanseki!

Sanseki are three greatest calligraphy masters in Japan.
They are called Gonseki, Saseki and Yaseki.
Onono Michikaze is Yaseki.

Onono Michikaze was born in Kasugai-shi Aichi-ken Japan.
There is the robot of Onono Michikaze in the city hall of Kasugai-shi.

That robots moved.

the robot of Onono Michikaze

The robot of a flog jumped.
The flog is too small.
The flog will jump to the willow.

the robot of Onono Michikaze

This photo is the signboard.


The large characters says "Onono Michikaze Karakuri Ningyo (The humanlike robot of Onono Michikaze)".
The robots move in A.M.10:00, A.M.12:00, P.M.2:00, P.M.4:00 and P.M.6:00.
The time of robots moving is about four minutes.

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