I had a headache. (2007-01-16)

I had a headache since yesterday.
I got two tablets of stopping pain.

I have no headache now.


Hello NL,

I am a new surfer to your web site. It is so excited to see people from Japan that have an English web site.

I am a super fans of Caspard et Lisa. Can we be friends?

By the way, may I know the "company that produce Logo Calendar" is also located with Tokyo?

Bunny at Internet

Posted by Bunny at Internet : January 19, 2007 (Fri)

I like Caspard and Lisa.
I read some picture books by English.

We will enjoy it.

Logo Calendar? LEGO Calendar?

I know the calendar like LEGO.
A company makes the calendars.

ASANO.SS - Lisa and Gaspard

i am a cheap jap!: Block Calendar of Gaspard et Lisa

Posted by NI-Lab. : January 20, 2007 (Sat)

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