We partied! (2006-12-10)

We partied!


We brought dishes.
A lady cooked pizzas.
A lady cooked meats and ume, Japanese apricot with renkons, lotus roots.
A man made bloated chickens.
A lady brought gyozas, Chinese steam-baked meat pies.
A man put on a box full mikans, Japanese Oranges.
A lady cooked meat loaves with eggs.
We cooked and brought varieties of dishes!

By the way, there was two mysterious drinks.

two misterious drinks

The left can was a drink of coconats milk?
The right can was a drink of ...... birds nest?

I turned the right can.

Swallow's nest soup with white Jew's ear

"Swallow's nest soup with white Jew's ear"

It's a sweet drink with jellies!

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