balance ball of Pringles (2006-11-04)

I went shopping and bought a Pringles.
I got a chance of Kujibiki (tiraging).

I put my hand into a hole of a box.
I got a ball from the box.
I got a bingo!

But I didn't hope the prize.
A shop staff exchanged it for my want secretly.

I wanted a balace ball.
I got a balace ball.

balance ball

I pumped up the balance ball.
My foots and hands pushed and pushed a yellow pump.

pumped up the balance ball

I had pumped.
A logo of Pringles is good.

balance ball of Pringles

I sat down the balance ball.
I felt good.

balance ball for sitting

This balance ball was made for baseball games of MLB All-Stars vs NPB All-Stars.

TOKYO -- After plating three early runs, the Major League Baseball All-Stars used strong pitching to hang on for a 3-2 win over the Nippon Professional Baseball All-Stars in Game 1 of All-Star Series 2006. The game was played before 42,397 fans at the Tokyo Dome.

Major League Baseball : Official Info : Press Release : MLB All-Stars win opener against NPB All-Stars

U.S.A's logo is Pringles.
Japan's logo is Mr. Kerl.

Pringles is a potato chips.

Kerl is a snack.
Mr. Kerl is a character for the snack.

Ref. Meiji Seika - my town the Kerl

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