ALPSLAB design : We experience new map designs. (2006-07-03)

The ALPSLAB design has a web site of new designed map.

ALPSLAB design

We can get the taste of new designed maps.

Normal Map (this design is general)

normal design

White Map (whitish!)

white design

Venezian Map (feel like Venezia)

venezian design

10 p.m. Map (night time)

10pm design

Kids Map (text in hiragana for kids)

kids design

Edo Map (old time Tokyo)

edo design

We can do these...

- changing the design of map
- toggling the display infomations
- rotating the map

Rotated Map

rotated map

Toggled the display infomations Map

toggled display infomations

Undisplayed Text Map

undisplayed text

We can undisplay roads :-)

Roadless Map


Because the ALPSLAB design has vector map data.

By the way...

- voting (good or bad) the designs
- downloading map file by PDF format

Ref. Alps Mapping K.K. - news release - ALps Mapping releases ALPSLAB design. (in Japanese)

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