fuzzy world and clear my room (2006-04-02)

I slept.
I wake up.
My vision is fuzzy,
My head is fuzzy.
It's a fuzzy world!

My room is a mess.
There were parts of PC. hard disk drives, a floppy disk drive, cables, ...
I cleared my room.


I know that feeling!!
But when you clean your room, at the same time doesn't your, vision get clear uswell(^^)?
I just cleaned my room, and I'm feeling very refreshed☆

Posted by yuki : April 2, 2006 (Sun)

fuzzy, fuzzy, fuzzy, ...

My vision cleared, when I just cleared my room!

Posted by NI-Lab. : April 6, 2006 (Thu)

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Posted by NI-Lab. (@nilab)