my ebony chopsticks is broken (2006-02-11)

My chopsticks is broken.
The pair of chopsticks has my cherished memory.

I bought two pairs of chopsticks about three years ago in Hokkaido Japan.

My pair of chopsticks are made of ebony.
My dearest's pair of chopsticks are made of rosewood.
A pair of two pairs of chopsticks.

I took photos of these chopstick cases.

chopsticks: ebony and rosewood

chopsticks: ebony and rosewood

Ebony is called 'Koku-tan' in Japanese.
Rosewood is called 'Shi-tan' in Japanese.
Koku means black.
Shi means purple.
Tan means wood.


Koku in French (cocu) means "you have been betrayed by the person you love, this person made love with an other". The french word for "cuckold".
But it's not exactly the same pronunciation.

Do you want to learn French?

Posted by La Joconde : February 18, 2006 (Sat)

Oh ! cuckold!

I'm studying English.
Now I don't want to learn French.
I want to learn some language in future.

Posted by NI-Lab. : February 19, 2006 (Sun)

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