Garden Collection (2006-01-16)

I bought a "Garden Collection".
This had a miniature of a cat.
I set seeds.

garden collection


I failed to grow these grasses :-<


Good evening.
I throw out a red herring into the comment.
It's OK?
I found a interesting URL.

I wish you would like it too.

Posted by nagasisoumen : January 18, 2006 (Wed)

I mistook URL.
See you!

Posted by nagasisoumen : January 18, 2006 (Wed)

It's OK.
Unrelated comments are good, too.

I looked it.
It's a 'K' by Bump of Chicken.

In past days, this URL( had a 'K' flash-animation.
I am searching...

This URL( has a 'K' flash-animation.

Posted by NI-Lab. : January 22, 2006 (Sun)

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Posted by NI-Lab. (@nilab)