Red Sun and Yellow Sun (2006-01-04)

I imaged that situation...

The teacher's name is John Smith.
That was his first lesson in Japan.

Mr. Smith said "What color is the sun?" in a classroom.
Children said "Red!"

Mr. Smith's much opened his eyes.
He is a Englishman.
A sun is yellow in England.

Mr. Smith walked to nearby a window.
He looked out. It was a sunny day.
The sun's color is orange.

Ref. Nihon ha omosiroi / setagaya no beikoku-jin : chikaku (Japan is interesting / a American in Setagaya : sense) (in Japanese)

By the way...
Helloween's songs has "Midnight Sun".

Fell asleep and no midnight sun
Still aware justice has bee done
No more doubts but disbelief
When the night was day
Celebration, miracle
And fate did show the way

Midnight Sun by Helloween

People don't see sun at midnight :-)

Ref. "Better Than Raw" by Helloween

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