Sarah, Plain and Tall : In Maine 'Ayuh' means yes. (2005-12-21)

I read a novel "Sarah, Plain and Tall"

Sarah may become Anna and Caleb's new mother.

What's Ayuh?

"The stew is fine," said Papa.
"Ayuh." Sarah nodded. "The bread, too."
"What does 'ayuh' mean?" asked Caleb.
"In Maine it means yes," said Sarah. "Do you want more stew?"
"Ayuh," said Caleb.
"Ayuh," echoed my father.

from "Sarah, Plain and Tall"

What's the Seal?

Seal is a name Sarah's cat.
Because the cat gray like the seals :-)

Ref. : "Sarah, Plain and Tall" by Patricia MacLachlan

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