HALLOWEEN: The Nightmare Before ... (2005-10-31)

Today is Halloween Day (or Hallowe'en, Hallow Even, Holy Evening, Hallows Eve).
Tomorrow is All Saints Day (or All Saint's Day, Hallowmas, All Hallows, Allhallows, Allhallowmas).
The day after tomorrow is Day of the Dead. In Italy, tomorrow is "Giorno dei Morti".
Two days after tomorrow is ... ?

I read picture book "The Nightmare Before Christmas" in today.
This book was written by Tim Burton.
It's a Xmas story. But too Halooween!
The skeleton is cool!

By the way, I went clear "Romancing Saga" by using character Jamil (the aspiring spirit) in yesterday.
I began second challenge by using character Sif (the severing blade).



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