I took a Kakkon-to. (2005-10-15)

I am having a cold.
I took a medicine Kakkon-to. I hope recovering of a cold.

HONZO's Kakkon-to
I took a Kakkon-to by HONZO Co.

Kakkon-to is a popular cold medicine in Japan.
It recovers of cold, headache, stiff neck and muscle pain.

Kakkon-to is kaompo-yaku (Chinese-style herbal medicine).
Drugstore sell it. It's granulated medicine.

We take it in fasting (before a meal or between meals).
In a matter of time, our bodys hot up and break a sweat, then bring down fever.

Kakkon-to includes Kakkon (pueraria root), Maou (ephedra herb), Taisou (jujube), Keihi (cinnamon bark), Shakuyaku (peony), Kanzou (licorice), and Shoukyou (ginger).


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