I read 'Anne of Green Gables' (2005-08-27)

Red Hair Anne

In Japan, the title of this book's translation is 'Red Hair Anne' or 'Anne of Red Hair'.
Everyone know 'Red Hair Anne'.
I knew 'Red Hair Anne'.

When I took this book, I didn't know.
When I looked at book jacket, I didn't know.
When I read book, I knew. It's the Red Hair Anne!

Old Type Novels

Everyone are busy. I'm busy, too.
Everyone read others' life stories.
If a story is too long, I don't read the story.
I hope read only interesting parts of stories.

Old type novels are stories of a person life stories.
I am bored with reading old type novels.

This book is old type novels.
But I found joy in reading this book.

Anne of Green Gables

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