Muneo House is joke acid house music. (2005-07-09)

Three years ago, the music Muneo House got into the news in the Internet at Japan.

The government of Japan build the "Yuukou no Ie" (means "House of Friends") in Kunasiri Island.
This building has cost 416,850,000 yen.
Kunasiri Island is east from Hokkaido.

The "Yuukou no Ie" is called "Muneo House" by the local public.
The local public thought that Muneo Suzuki build the "Yuukou no Ie".
"Mr. Suzuki, You are our friends." said the front of the "Yuukou no Ie".

Muneo Suzuki was (is?) member of the Diet in Japan.
Mr. Suzuki was in a jail due to sin at politician.

Muneo House is joke acid house music.
Muneo House and joke acid house music on words linking "Muneo HOUSE (building)" and acid HOUSE music.
Muneo House (music) has voices of Mr. Suzuki, Mr. Suzuki's secretary, Makiko Tanaka (was member of the Diet in Japan), and etc.


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